Sensory Waste:
A Speculative Writing Workshop

By Make or Break at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane with Mindy Davies and Grace Dewar

We were led by Make or Break in an experimental storytelling workshop, where we were provoked to write, think, and share ideas from non-human perspectives.

Through their participatory installation Institutional Waste #2 in An Alternative Economics, Make or Break invited speculation, thinking together, research, conversation, and hands-on making to dig into questions of sustainability and sustainment as we face an uncertain future.

This workshop centred Institutional Waste #2 as a point of departure to explore the experimental storytelling process. 

This workshop was presented in conjunction with An Alternative Economics, an exhibition which brings together a group of Australian and international artists who each use their artmaking to explore and expand on the creation of value. Guided by the idea of the circular economy and its compelling counter-narrative to the untenable model of eternal growth, each work in this exhibition offers a provocation to make us reconsider what is ‘counted’ in our society and why.

Make or Break are an artist collective working on unceded Gadigal and Bidjigal lands, they devise and experiment with process-based projects that are co-authored with communities they are invited into. These have included creating experimental economies and temporary currencies; caring for civic spaces; celebrating the labour of strangers; prototyping future worlds; writing speculative fiction and facilitating conversations as collective research.

From Institutional Waste #2 by Make or Break Collective.
My response to an object from the Gallery’s storeroom.