SEPTEMBER 9 – 18 2022

UNSPACES: Anthropic [Concrete] Rocks reveals a new way of navigating public spaces, redirecting attention to remnants of construction, development, and urban-degradation.

Through collection, interaction and intervention, the Anthropic Rock becomes a cultural artefact of the anthropocene, shaped by systems and behaviours performed by the public.

Over a series of participatory recovery activities, the artist has methodically moved through public space to collect these anthropic rocks. As such, the project becomes a shared act of resistance through public maintenance, care, and exchange.

This project is supported by GENERATE GC, which is a City of Gold Coast initiative delivered in partnership with Tasdance and SITUATE Art in Festivals. Supported by Generate GC, Situate Art in Festivals, City of Gold Coast Regional Arts Development Fund, Platform Arts and Third 
Space Gallery