PUBLIC PALACE – PURE POTENTIAL: do you know when you are *working*? 

APRIL 18 – 24

Grace Dewar and Laurie Oxenford (Public Palace) work under the premise that the studio is anywhere *work* takes place. In this way, the project will assume a residency framework, allowing the artists to make continuous work in a set period of time, where the outcomes are constantly evolving via live and durational art-making. This approach reveals traditionally unseen actions to bring forward process, labour and experimentation, forcing a tipping point into live performance and questioning where the *work* begins and ends.

PURE POTENTIAL: do you know when you are *working*? is a one-week intervention to interrogate The Old Lock Up as a site and space for experimentation, interaction and social practice. Presenting as a series of site-specific spatial experiments using temporary installation methods and care practices, the artists will work with both art and architecture to offer a response to the spatial ‘conditions’ and invite new ways of experiencing/moving through the site.

Both outcomes provide an opportunity to question how human and non-human resources might inhabit space, revealing new and unutilised potentials.