The motivation for this project is to present local Arts and Cultural activity via a new lens, framing distinctly “Gold Coast” art forms with a fresh approach, strengthening the visibility of local artistic voices and representing the Gold Coasts unique cultural identity.

Digital storytelling and ‘narrative making’ has a broad application across many disciplines, challenging creative and critical thinking, investigation, reflection, writing, visual and aural imagery and ultimately presentation. Digital storytelling can enhance the expression of local stories, ideas and experiences in creative and engaging ways, across a diverse range of arts and cultural contexts.

As creatives, whether working in the visual, digital or word-based, in LENS you’re invited to investigate and explore new and even unconventional experiences. 

‘FOUND’ as an action and creative point of departure is a chance-focused approach to creating in both the physical and digital space. LENS GC ‘FOUND’ will investigate new areas of interest inspired by or departed from an object or site that is FOUND through critical acts of exploration and discovery in natural or urban environments. Free of aesthetic principles and medium-focused approach, participants are encouraged to attempt new ways of seeing, creating, doing and experiencing the Gold Coast. The act of finding, considering and choosing (or not choosing) to interact with things that are ‘FOUND’ is part of this process.

Found object art originally emerged in the Conceptual art movement as artists were seeking to ‘break out of traditional or historical modes of creating art – they searched for new ways to innovate by delving into every aspect of their culture and compelling new thought.’

COLLABORATION 1: Grace Dewar + Kirsty Lee
COLLABORATION 2: Emma Van Zaane + Matt Power
COLLABORATION 3: Daniele Constance + Jorge Serra
COLLABORATION 4: Dani Cabs + Nadia Milford

It was very exciting to work as a Producer with 4 collaborations across a 2 week period to create a total of 48 new digital artworks under the theme of FOUND.