Context is half the construction of function and meaning. Upon realisation, this installation and sculptural exhibition will explore the presence of found functional objects existing in spaces, removed from the context that defines their purpose. Here they become functional only as aesthetic vessels for new meanings.

Broken, expired and discarded objects, such as road signs or plastic sheeting, tools or containers, that are in a current existential purgatory will be documented and transferred in to a context where their value is to be reimagined by the artist and decided upon by the viewer.

These curated objects will find a new relevance to place when they are captured or contextualised as art. Functional materials are generally used for the actions they perform rather than their aesthetic; any aesthetic that does exist is for a functional purpose. In exploring their “true” aesthetic value as well as their unexplored capabilities in alternative ways, they are renewed.

The artist’s power and role in recreating meaning and relevance for functional objects in these spaces, means that their existence is no longer tied to a single intention and that they can exist meaningfully outside of this - they become conceptually fluid. The artist considers space in the construction of each work and overlooks traditional art making methods to arrive at a true appreciation of the everyday recontextualised.