Generate GC 2021-2022

SITUATE Art in Festivals

GENERATE GC is a two-year program designed to develop new, site-specific work created by Gold Coast artists and creative practitioners.
The program provides an opportunity for Gold Coast artists and creatives to push boundaries, take creative risks and develop concepts that respond to the unique potential of Gold Coast communities and environments.

The core focus of the program is the generation, testing and development of ideas and new work to be realised in unique and unlikely places across the Gold Coast. It also builds practice and career sustainability by providing important pathways and links to local and national arts and non-arts partnerships, collaborations and presentation platforms.

A major component of the program is the GENERATE GC LAB:  11 days of intensive development where artists, alongside mentors and provocateurs, are encouraged to take risks, expand their practice, develop concepts, consider works of scale, and connect with audiences through the creation of work that speaks to its place, environment and community. Mentors and provocateurs include established artists experienced in making works for a broad range of public contexts.

Artists are supported and mentored to develop ideas and proposals for projects that are conceptually strong with high production values, which can respond to a variety of sites, audiences and economies.  Site-related art, installations, interventions and live art practice are explored through partnerships.

The Generate GC program is facilitated by City of Gold Coast and SITUATE. SITUATE supports outstanding early and mid career artists and creative practitioners to develop new experimental artworks for the festival environment. SITUATE respectfully acknowledges the First Nations people of Australia as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of the unceded lands and waters upon which we work.


Generate GC 2021-2022 Cohort:
Laurie Oxenford
Grace Dewar
CJ Anderson
Darcie Boatswain
Kathy Mackey
Jordan Wilkinson
Sophia Franks
Ella Fitzgerald

Generate GC 2021-2022 Provocateurs
Tristan Meecham
Leisl Zink
Rebecca Ross
Lawrence English
Jamie Lewis
Thomas E.S. Kelly
Chris Williams
AHA Ensemble
Jessie Williams