September 4 – 19 2021, Solo Exhibition

Exhibition essay by Rebecca Ross.

FORCES OF PRODUCTION is a site-specific series of experiments investigating THE WALLS ART SPACE, and by extension the public spaces of Miami. Over the residency period through a series of interventions and contextual habits, the artist explored the on-site gallery storeroom and the local urban landscape to collect found materials, objects and digital documentation/s that reference (formal and informal) urban systems and flows. Through a walking practice the artist intentionally and critically disrupted different places to reveal the *truth/s* of public space.

The presence of surveillance and community observation meant that process became a spectacle and performance in itself, raising questions about self-censorship and authority. The artist’s methodology looks to other roadside and street practices that are essential to the spatial nature of public space (formal and informal) such as roadworks, construction, skating, maintenance, safety and traffic control etc.

Employing techniques of documentation, reorganisation, collection, installation, alteration and deconstruction, the artist offers new spatial assemblages that reimagine an object’s agency, context and functional potentials.

Photo credit: Chris Bennie